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One Plan is a game changing planning tool for the event industry.

It supports safer events by utilising intuitive space planning and measurement tools.
One Plan has been developed in collaboration with some of the leading event and crowd safety experts in the world.

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What our users say What our users say 

What our users say

One Plan is going to change the outdoor events industry for the better Senior Event Manager, UK
This is what the industry has needed for a long time Event Supplier, Canada
We now have access to clients we have never had before and saved hour of business development time and money Event Supplier, USA
The measurement tools are invaluable and so easy to use. I’ve saved so much time planning my event Event Planner, Belgium
One Plan is a game changer for my event planning business, we are making it the core planning tool for our company Event Management company, Denmark

One Plan streamlines event procurement and the supply of event services and products. Quantities of temporary infrastructure, event overlay and services are automatically collated within One Plan creating an ‘event shopping list’ which can be instantly sent to approved suppliers to provide quotes. This reduces the time taken and cost in finding quality suppliers in your area. Multiple quotes can be received to ensure best value is achieved and meet organisational procurement polices.

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Space planning

This tool enables users to accurately drop and drag event infrastructure and supplier products onto the global mapping system anywhere in the world. Crowd capacity is instantly calculated according to the desired crowd density. Popular temporary event infrastructure can be dragged and dropped from the toolbar into any location to assist event professionals to design an event site. All temporary infrastructure such as pedestrian barriers, fencing and toilets are scaled to industry standards so highly accurate site plans can be developed and ensure the correct quantity are procured.

Queue calculator

The queue calculator provides an instant estimate of queue length and wait time for areas such as security screening, ticket checks and box office based on basic data provided by the user. This helps to ensure that services and infrastructure are appropriately scoped and clearly identifies times of peak demand.

Evacuation assessor

The evacuation assessor tool provides an estimate of time to evacuate pedestrians from a site based on crowd number and exit gate width. The accessible visual tool can be shared with stakeholders such as the emergency services to help support evacuation planning.

Resource planning

Dot plans of human resources can be plotted onto the system. Comments can be left on the map by other users such as clients and event suppliers, which improves integrated planning and collaborative working.

Bill of quantities

From the block planning and infrastructure mapping, a ‘bill of quantities’ (BOQ) is created. Contingency can be added to each of the items on the bill of quantities.

Supplier request

The BOQ can then be submitted to approved suppliers via the portal to provide quotes. This significantly reduces the time and cost to source suppliers and procure items.

Event planning advice

Users will find a wealth of event and crowd management planning advice and guidance within the Support section of One Plan. This includes specific event planning guidance and regulatory information from over 20 countries. So no matter where events are being planned, relevant country specific information is available.

Via the Expert Directory users can request professional support from One Plan approved companies who specialize in areas such as health & safety, crowd management and catering. All these companies have significant experience and knowledge of their specialist field.

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