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One Plan will enable you to accurately develop your event site plan. The tool bar functionality allows you to drag and drop a huge range of event infrastructure and supplier products.

The intuitive measure tools instantly provide estimate queue length and time. There is also an evacuation calculator which will visually display an estimate evacuation time for people to flow through two points such as an emergency exit gate. More tools are being added all the time as we receive feedback from One Plan subscribers and event suppliers across the globe.

Who is One Plan for?

How it works

The individuals and companies in the expert directory have a wealth of international experience and knowledge of their specialist field.

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What our users say What our users say 

What our users say

One Plan is going to change the outdoor events industry for the better Senior Event Manager, UK
This is what the industry has needed for a long time Event Supplier, Canada
We now have access to clients we have never had before and saved hour of business development time and money Event Supplier, USA
The measurement tools are invaluable and so easy to use. I’ve saved so much time planning my event Event Planner, Belgium
One Plan is a game changer for my event planning business, we are making it the core planning tool for our company Event Management company, Denmark




Full access, auto renewed on an annual basis.


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Individual event planners.


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Councils, emergency services, event agencies & venues.


up to 5 users


up to 10 users

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Users will find a wealth of event and crowd management planning advice and guidance within the Support section of One Plan. This includes specific event planning guidance and regulatory information from over 20 countries. So no matter where your event is taking place, relevant country specific information is available.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to select which areas I would like to sell my services or products?

Yes, you can select one of the following options:

How much does it cost to become a One Plan approved supplier?

The fee is based on the geographic coverage.

Regional – $2,000
National – $5,000
Continent and global – $10,000

The pre launch 50% discount offer will run until 25th March 2019.

How many event planners use One Plan?

Extensive market research has been undertaken as part of the development of One Plan which engaged widely with the industry on a global level. Over 10,000 event planners are expected to be using One Plan in 2019.

Where are the event planners based?

This is a global platform available in all regions.

What events are they planning?

The platform is open to any event planner. However the first version of the system is aimed at outdoor events and those in temporary structures. Our initial market research showed strong interest from event managers within local government and city authorities, freelance event planners, established event agencies, parks authorities and festival organisers.

How will I receive quote requests?

The portal creates an automated bill of quantities (shopping list) of event infrastructure when events are planned in the space planning tool. Contingency can be added manually by the event planner. Quote requests are then submitted through One Plan to appropriate companies who can supply the event taking account of the event suppliers pre selected product and service categories and the geographical areas they operate in.

Can I select multiple regions to supply?

Unfortunately not at this stage. We would suggest selecting national as this will provide better value.

What if I don’t want to provide a quote?

Event suppliers are not obliged to provide a quote once they receive a quote request. You can select ‘no quote’.

Will other suppliers see our quote?

No, all quotes are submitted confidentially to event planners.

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